spotted cups & summer dusk

Last night I played around with some things in my props kit in the summer dusk :) I have a few favourites which I've collected from various stores in Auckland including the spotted cup collaboration between kowtow and Houston Design Co.  It's a great feeling to experiment and produce things you like without any expectations - just an inquisitive curiosity and playfulness. This was one of those shoots which so happened as I was walking to my bedroom and noticed the beautiful light as it made patterns through the blinds.  I'm always aspiring to understand light better and to consolidate a style that draws from the various aesthetics that inspire me.  So much practice and an ever changing vision twisting and changing in my mind. This shoot I am happy with at least and today it feels like i'm on the right track :)  

dear jervois

I'd never been into the Auckland cafe Dear Jervois until recently.  I'd always been intrigued when driving past as I have an affinity for certain spaces. For old buildings painted white on the inside.  With high ceilings, wooden floors and foliage they remind me of what our apartment in Stockholm used to look like.  I got my chance after a recent morning shoot with Storm and India Tea Sisters at Tessuti down the road, and I really did love what I saw. The aesthetic reminded me of my favourite shop Grandpa in Sweden.  And so without wanting to be too conspicuous, I grabbed a cup of tea and managed to sneak a few quick snaps.  x